About Us


We show the world year after year why Tahiti Joe’s is “The Kahuna of Hot Sauces”!

Our sauces have won awards time and time again in the industry’s biggest arenas.

From a sweet Mango Meltdown, to a flaming Uhan’e Akai, Tahiti Joe’s unique hot sauce blends bring tropical flavors to your table.

Started as a labor of love, Tahiti Joe’s has now become a household name, found distributed all across the nation in popular restaurants and grocery stores. Tahiti Joe pours his passion for hot sauce into every recipe, and the proof is in the flavor.

Our Tahiti Joe’s sauce goes well with all kinds of foods regardless of genre. Chicken wings, fried fish, teriyaki chicken, marinated meat, pulled pork, pizza, and cheeseburgers, we got you covered.

Hot sauce can be paired with foods by knowing the flavor profile and defining the secondary flavors of the hot sauce. A gourmet hot sauce may use many different ingredients, and this creates flavor undertones either at the beginning, middle, or end of the sample. It is the flavor profiles from the undertones that reflect the foods that a hot sauce goes well with. The flavors, along with the heat of a hot sauce are a great addition to many foods.