Mango Madness Pork


*pork shoulder or pork loin with bone in
*2 whole garlic (separate into individual cloves)
* 2 fl. oz. of Maui Pepper Co.’s Mango Meltdown hot sauce
*4 tbsp of Tahiti Joe’s Ahi of Kahuna XX hot with cheese , not sauce
*2 fl.oz. of balsamic vinegar
*2 fl.oz. of key lime juice
* 4 tbsp of chopped fresh rosemary
* salt & pepper to taste
* fresh pineapple slices


Heat grill place in charcoal into a circle which will surround the meat.
Stuff cloves of garlic into your pork.
Mix all ingredients except the pineapple in a bowl.
When grill is ready, place pork ( on foil) on grill.
Brown pork on each side
After each side has been browned, surround the pork with pineapple slices and baste sauce onto pork.
Flip pork occasionally and baste with sauce each time.

APPROXIMATE COOK TIME: 30 min. per pound.

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