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  • Tahiti Joe’s Smokin’ Kona XX Hot Sauce (Chipotle Heat)


    XX-medium-hotTahiti Joe got caught ‘smokin’ in the Islands.It’s not what you think, it’s all legit, (I think!). His mind is cloudy with inhaling those habanero peppers, he smoked them and everything else he could get his hands on. Smokin’ Kona XX hot sauce is the last thing he smoked and now you get to try it before it’s all gone.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Ahi of Kahuna XX Hot Sauce (Double Explosive with Cheese)

    5 out of 5


    XX-medium-hotOne day, while Tahiti Joe was coolin off under a coconut tree, he heard voices in his head. The voices were telling his taste buds to lay off the Mary Jane and make a sauce so “ho and flavorful”, it would please any chilehead’s addiction for heat, but the taste buds wanted him to add some cheese.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Kona Fire XX Hot Sauce


    XX-medium-hotKona Fire is the flavor of heat you have been waiting for a long time. Even this fire of a “lady” sauce will burn you on your leeward “south side”! It will be like a Kona storm hitting your bottom side like you never had before. Tahiti Joe has felt the pleasurable fire of wahines, now it is your turn to feel the heat of Kona Fire! P.S. Kona Fire is Ahi of Kahuna without the cheese.


    Tahiti Joe’s, Kona Fire won 2nd Place in the Hot Sauce -> Habanero category at the 2016 Scovies!

  • Wet Fart Hot Sauce XX Hot With Pooh


    XX-medium-hotCan you remember the last time you let out a little gas and you felt it run down your leg? Well, it's that de-ja vu time again. That's right! After consuming this “wet fart” hot sauce, it might give you that warm, mushy, disgusting, stinking feeling in your pants again. So the next time you have to let out a “little” gas, ask yourself, “Do i feel lucky?” is it going to be wet or dry? This sauce contains loads of cheese to help coin the phrase, “Who cut the cheese?”

  • Buck U Hot Sauce


    XX-medium-hotThe fans from Ohio and Michigan are the best.  But one thing for sure is, that this BUCK U hot sauce will make those Michigan fan’s asses turn from blue to red, scarlet red, that is!  Just like we do in the field.


  • Dolphin XX Hot Sauce


    XX-medium-hotAlright! You Fans of the Fins, you now have your very own delicious hot sauce to call your own for tailgating. So the next time you're Jetting off to New England, enjoy this sauce on a nice Buffalo filet. Remember, enjoy the heat and don't get beat.

  • Hot Ass Devil Juice Hot Sauce


    XX-medium-hotWelcome your ASS to HELL! That is what your ASS will feel like after using a bottle of “DEVIL JUICE”. As hot as it is, this sauce has a LOT of flavor. That's how the devil tricks you into consuming his sauce. It will make your RECTUM feel like a “HOT ASS”, so a part of you will know what HELL is like!

  • Kimbalya’s Diving Bird Hot Sauce (XX Hot With Cheese)


    XX-medium-hotKimbalya traveled to Wyoming to get in touch with her Native American roots. As a woman, she walked far and dived right in like a bird, like she always had belonged there, her destiny. She came out with the proud native name, DIVING BIRD. She now brings you her own favorite hot sauce for you to enjoy, but your ass won't.