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  • Tahiti Joe’s Volcano Ahi X Hot Sauce (Explosive Heat)


    X-mediumYou tried POLYNESIAN hot sauce and said it wasn't hot enough.Well here it is… VOLCANO AHI. (Ahi is Polynesian for FIRE.) This is the extra hot version of the POLYNESIAN. You'll enjoy the burning sensation it gives you but the flavor will keep bringing you to the islands. Tahiti Joe dares you to enjoy this fiery sauce.

  • Ohio’s Own Pittsburgh Sucks Hot Sauce


    mildNo matter where you’re from in the great state of Ohio, we all know that “Pittsburgh Sucks!” Use this great sauce on your next tail-gaiting event and when the bottle is empty, you can shove it up a squeeler fan’s a-hole.  They might actually like it!

  • Buttplug Relief Hot Sauce


    X-mediumOk! So you’re constipated, big deal! You don't want to take that nasty otc medicine. Who says you have to! Butt Plug Relief hot sauce is the best stool softener to hit the market in the new millennium. If you're bowels are not on the move, this stuff will make it flow like a river after a dam broke. So save your chile ass and down a bottle of butt plug relief today.

  • Fuel The Mule Hot Sauce


    X-mediumIn the desert, you can't get your mule to move unless you give it some fuel. When camping, don't set up camp down wind from your mule, even the rattlesnakes stay away. So please don't donkey around with this sauce because it will definitely make a jackass out of you.