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  • Cameltoe Hot Sauce


    mildCameltoe is a delicious smoked chipotle and mango hot sauce. So no matter what you call it; snapper, bearded clam, cooler cleavage, the pink taco, beavage. There is nothing that tastes or smells like a cameltoe. Love at first site. P.s. you will always remember when you tasted your first camel toe.

    Pss. Say no to moose knuckles.

  • Jupiter’s Lighthouse Hot Sauce


    mildJupiter and Tequesta, Florida are very well known for their famous Jupiter Lighthouse.

    Now, the soon-to-be-famous, Jupiter's Lighthouse Hot Sauce will make all of your favorite dishes come alive with great delicious flavor with just the right amount of heat.

    So pick up a bottle today and savor the flavor.

  • Ohio’s Own Pittsburgh Sucks Hot Sauce


    mildNo matter where you’re from in the great state of Ohio, we all know that “Pittsburgh Sucks!” Use this great sauce on your next tail-gaiting event and when the bottle is empty, you can shove it up a squeeler fan’s a-hole.  They might actually like it!

  • Analyze This – XXX Garlic Pepper Hot Sauce

    5 out of 5


    XXX-hotIt doesn’t take a genius, but a chile head, to figure out what’s wrong with your sphincter. Come on! After chuggin’ down a bottle of hot sauce (especially this one) what the heck do you expect your rectum to do! If you make it suffer, it’s going to make you suffer.

  • Wet Fart Hot Sauce XX Hot With Pooh


    XX-medium-hotCan you remember the last time you let out a little gas and you felt it run down your leg? Well, it's that de-ja vu time again. That's right! After consuming this “wet fart” hot sauce, it might give you that warm, mushy, disgusting, stinking feeling in your pants again. So the next time you have to let out a “little” gas, ask yourself, “Do i feel lucky?” is it going to be wet or dry? This sauce contains loads of cheese to help coin the phrase, “Who cut the cheese?”

  • Rectum Ripper XXX 1/2 Hot Sauce (Mustard and Ginger)


    XXX-hotThe Wrath of the RECTUM RIPPER. No matter how bad or good you think you are, everything you do from now on, after using RECTUM RIPPER, will be “half ass”. So be careful using this very delicious, very hot mustard and ginger sauce, Because the RECTUM RIPPER will send your ass to an early grave.

  • Biker Bitch Hot Sauce


    XX-medium-hotThis sauce was made for all those Biker Babes out there. You know who your are, the ones that don;t take chit from anyone, but still like to show off your classy ass and breasts to everyone. This sauce is so good, try it in your next “Bloody Biker Bitchin' Mary” drink.

  • Buttplug Relief Hot Sauce


    X-mediumOk! So you’re constipated, big deal! You don't want to take that nasty otc medicine. Who says you have to! Butt Plug Relief hot sauce is the best stool softener to hit the market in the new millennium. If you're bowels are not on the move, this stuff will make it flow like a river after a dam broke. So save your chile ass and down a bottle of butt plug relief today.

  • Singer Island’s Love Turtle Hot Sauce


    mildDid you ever hear of a turtle making a sauce? I haven’t either and it’s made out of love. Never will you taste a spicy sauce like this. Except, not only will you like it a lot, you’ll love it! Sincerely, the love turtle. Peace out!

  • Palm Beach Hot Sauce


    mildThere is finally a Hot Sauce that is good enough to be called “Palm Beach” Hot Sauce! A hot sauce that has the heart to remind you of Florida's tropical sun, and the flavor from that beautiful array of spices to have the distinction of Palm Beach, “TASTE.” So lay back and enjoy the waves and the hot tropical sun and enjoy the hot sauce in a “Palm Beach Mary” er…I mean, a Bloody Mary, Palm Beach style.

  • Delray’s Beachin’ Hot Sauce (Island Heat)


    X-mediumDelray Beach, Florida has the fine reputation of being labeled, “America's City”- Everything is beautiful about Delray: the people, downtown events, weather, and of course the beaches. And now, you can enjoy Delray's Beachin' Hot Sauce. Take a souvenir bottle home with you and leave the Beachin' to us.

  • Fuel The Mule Hot Sauce


    X-mediumIn the desert, you can't get your mule to move unless you give it some fuel. When camping, don't set up camp down wind from your mule, even the rattlesnakes stay away. So please don't donkey around with this sauce because it will definitely make a jackass out of you.

  • Buck U Hot Sauce


    XX-medium-hotThe fans from Ohio and Michigan are the best.  But one thing for sure is, that this BUCK U hot sauce will make those Michigan fan’s asses turn from blue to red, scarlet red, that is!  Just like we do in the field.


  • In the Heat of Texas


    XXX-hotAfter a few uses of this great xxx hot pepper sauce of Texas, you'll soon find out what the 2nd largest natural gas resource of Texas is! You're local out house is your only resource of a safe release, and please “no smoking” when consuming or relieving of the natural gas. It's your ass on the line, not mine!

  • Alaskan Gassline Hot Sauce


    XXX-hotThe polar bears and the seals dare you to try their new hot sauce. You're going to need this hot stuff to keep your body warm for those long cold Alaskan days. After downing a bottle of this great sauce, you will feel like you have enough gas to power Alaskan's northern lights.

  • Hot Ass Devil Juice Hot Sauce


    XX-medium-hotWelcome your ASS to HELL! That is what your ASS will feel like after using a bottle of “DEVIL JUICE”. As hot as it is, this sauce has a LOT of flavor. That's how the devil tricks you into consuming his sauce. It will make your RECTUM feel like a “HOT ASS”, so a part of you will know what HELL is like!

  • Dolphin XX Hot Sauce


    XX-medium-hotAlright! You Fans of the Fins, you now have your very own delicious hot sauce to call your own for tailgating. So the next time you're Jetting off to New England, enjoy this sauce on a nice Buffalo filet. Remember, enjoy the heat and don't get beat.

  • Bonzai Chili Kick Ass Teriyaki Hot Sauce


    mildTime to try some ASS KICKIN teriyaki sauce. BONZAI CHILI is just the one to deliver the punch. If you find your teriyaki sauce to be bland, it's time for a change, a change for the better. A tantalizing taste and the heat of the habenero and jalapeno peppers. Bonzai Chili is not the only black belt champ of the teriyaki world because it can kick your ass, it also kicks the competition's.

  • Onionator XXXX Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce


    XXXX-hotRed habanero, tons of onions and ghost pepper flakes in this one hell o fa fiery sauce. What in God’s green Earth is this going to taste like and what the hell is it going to do to your body, mainly your bowels of hell area? And don’t forget your breath! There is only one way to find out … enjoy,if you can!!

  • Juno Beach’s Turtles in “Heat” Sauce


    mildThis beautiful little turtle town in Florida, Just loves their turtles. Doesn’t matter if they are green, or have a head of a logger, or even leather on their back, they all love to come to Juno Beach to nest. They are just like tourist, they come here for the fun and sun and leave. So try a bottle of TURTLES in HEAT sauce, and leave the turtles alone so they can have their fun in the sand!