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  • Tahiti Joe’s “Italian Heat” Tropi-Garlic Hot Sauce


    mildAfter inventing his delicious Polynesian Hot Sauce, Tahiti's Hot Sauces wanted to make another gourmet hot sauce that his vahine would enjoy. After a wild, passionate weekend in the islands with his vahine (who else?), he thought, “YOW!” She's not only hot-blooded, she's also half-Italian.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Polynesian Hot Sauce


    mildThis is the beginning saga of Tahiti's Hot Sauces and his quest for the ultimate gourmet hot sauce. Tahiti's Hot Sauces went exploring the South Seas for the spices, but was easily side tracked (don't tell his vahine). Then after a few months, Tahiti's Hot Sauces blended a beautiful array of spices with clam juice, honey etc….

  • Tahiti Joe’s Smokin’ Kona XX Hot Sauce (Chipotle Heat)


    XX-medium-hotTahiti Joe got caught ‘smokin’ in the Islands.It’s not what you think, it’s all legit, (I think!). His mind is cloudy with inhaling those habanero peppers, he smoked them and everything else he could get his hands on. Smokin’ Kona XX hot sauce is the last thing he smoked and now you get to try it before it’s all gone.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Ahi of Kahuna XX Hot Sauce (Double Explosive with Cheese)

    5 out of 5


    XX-medium-hotOne day, while Tahiti Joe was coolin off under a coconut tree, he heard voices in his head. The voices were telling his taste buds to lay off the Mary Jane and make a sauce so “ho and flavorful”, it would please any chilehead’s addiction for heat, but the taste buds wanted him to add some cheese.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Tahitiaki Hot Sauce


    mildWhile Tahiti Joe was hangin' ten in Japan (actually, he was surfing the web), he realized that he could take Japan’s famous teriyaki sauce and make it Tahiti Joe style for all chileheads to crave and sweat for. That’s how Tahiti Joe invented “TAHITIAKI”. Now you can enjoy Tahitiaki the same way as teriyaki, but with a unique flavor and heat that will tantalize your
    taste buds.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Kumawanakilya XXX Hot Pepper Sauce


    XXX-hotWhen Tahiti Joe got started in the hot sauce biz, his makua kane (father), Tahiti Joe Sr. said “Keiki Kane”(son), if you want to make it in the hot sauce biz, you have to puhi (burn) the competition”. With that in mind (what's left of it),Tahiti Joe set sail to the islands to ravage the “killer Habanero patch”.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Volcano Ahi X Hot Sauce (Explosive Heat)


    X-mediumYou tried POLYNESIAN hot sauce and said it wasn't hot enough.Well here it is… VOLCANO AHI. (Ahi is Polynesian for FIRE.) This is the extra hot version of the POLYNESIAN. You'll enjoy the burning sensation it gives you but the flavor will keep bringing you to the islands. Tahiti Joe dares you to enjoy this fiery sauce.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Kona Fire XX Hot Sauce


    XX-medium-hotKona Fire is the flavor of heat you have been waiting for a long time. Even this fire of a “lady” sauce will burn you on your leeward “south side”! It will be like a Kona storm hitting your bottom side like you never had before. Tahiti Joe has felt the pleasurable fire of wahines, now it is your turn to feel the heat of Kona Fire! P.S. Kona Fire is Ahi of Kahuna without the cheese.


    Tahiti Joe’s, Kona Fire won 2nd Place in the Hot Sauce -> Habanero category at the 2016 Scovies!

  • Tahiti Joe’s Killer Garlic XXX Pepper Sauce


    XXX-hotFor all you garlic lovers out there,you have just met the garlic pepper sauce of your life. Killer Garlic is exactly what the name implies,“Garlic that Kills”. Not the taste buds, but everything that ails you! From the heat of the Habs and the powerful healing powers of a ton of fresh garlic,Tahiti Joe gives you the best XXX garlic pepper hot sauce that you will ever put in your mouth. Killer Garlic! P.S. Backed by the Tahitian mob.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Uhan’e Akai XXXX Hot Sauce (Ghost Onion Pepper)

    5 out of 5


    XXXX-hotFinally, the infamous Tahiti Joe comes up with the ultimate heat searching pepper sauce that will destroy your mouth and anal canal without being a pepper extract.Prepare your body and soul for “UHAN’E AKAINIOI” Hawaiian for, “GHOST ONION PEPPER”.


    Tahiti Joe’s, Uhan’e Akai XXXX won 1st Place in the Hot Sauce -> XXX Hot category at the 2016 Scovies!

  • Tahiti Joe’s Bajan Killer XXX Hot Pepper Sauce (Mustard And Ginger)


    XXX-hotTahiti Joe went to the Caribbean for some rest and relaxation …(like he really needs it?) His mind never rests (it may wander,but that’s another story). He started messing with his XXX sauce to give it a Caribbean flair. Ola! He came up with triple hot sauce with mustard and ginger that tastes awesome on a Cuban,but not so good on a Puerto Rican Humor, Ar ! Ar ! It will be the best sauce you’ve ever put on that tropical sandwich. Feel the heat!