Maui Pepper Company

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  • Maui Pepper Company – Mango Meltdown


    XXX-hotMango Meltdown™ combines the exotic flavors of fresh mango and habanero peppers to produce a zesty sauce that brings the fiery excitement of the islands to your table. Sensational as a marinade or topping!

  • Mangonesian ™

    5 out of 5


    mildMangonesian ™ is a beautiful array of exotic flavors never done before, from mango, habanero, clam juice, apple juice, and chipotle peppers. Wake Up! Smell and taste the difference.

  • Maui Pepper Company – Smokin’ Mangoes Extra Hot Sauce (Chipotle Style)


    XXX-hotThose chipotle boys are doing it again. They like to take the mangoes from the fire to the smoker. This smokey tropical meltdown will send your taste buds to a new level, to the volcano!


    Smokin' Mangoes Extra Hot Sauce won 1st Place in the Hot Sauce -> Specialty Chile category at the 2016 Scovies

  • Maui Pepper Company – Chipotle Raspberry Mango Hot Sauce


    XXX-hotRaspberry Chipotle Mango hot sauce is another great dipping sauce created by the Maui Pepper Co. The flavor still gives you that tropical tingle and when you put it on smoked baby back ribs, your taste buds will go straight to topical paradise heaven.


    Maui Pepper Co., Chiptole Raspberry Mango won 2nd Place in the Hot Sauce -> Specialty Chile category at the 2016 Scovies!

  • Sunset Salsa™ Pineapple Mango


    mildSunset Salsa™ Pineapple Mango: a delightful combination of sweet pineapple and tropical mango energized by an exotic blend of peppers and spices that make this salsa sunsational! Dip into this fat free salsa with chips. Combine with sour cream for a tasty appetizer, or add passionate flavors to entrees of fish, chicken, pork and beef. Choice of heat level includes medium and hot.

  • Maui Pepper Company – Berry Mangolo Mango Hot Sauce


    XXX-hotAloha Wahine's, Mr. Berry Mangolo has handpicked his favorite “hot” little “tasty” berries to appear with him at the Copacobanana. They are so “hot”,they will make Lola scream and make you scream for more ice cream. Berry Mangolo is the fruitiest hot sauce that has hit your taste buds in the “tropics”.They will all be appearing in your mouth real soon!

  • Apples Ass™


    mildApple Sass™ is a rich and fruity tropical sauce with the alternating sweetness and fire of apple butter, mango, rum and habanero peppers. This sauce adds zip and can dress up any dish with just a few shakes.

  • Maui Pepper Strawberry Meltdown with Mangoes Hot Sauce


    XXX-hotAhhhh! A match made in heaven. Everybody loves strawberries, now you can have it with mangoes in a Maui Pepper meltdown. It will tantalize your taste buds with that tropical tingle. You will feel that you're back in the Islands. This makes an awesome Asian dipping sauce.

  • Maui Pepper Strawberry Meltdown Hot Sauce


    XXX-hotWho would have ever thought about how strawberries would taste in a Maui Pepper Meltdown sauce? You don't have to think anymore. It's the best strawberry hot sauce you can put on your tropical tingling taste buds. Your mouth will take another trip to the Islands. Try this on some sautéed plantains.