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  • Tahiti Joe’s “Italian Heat” Tropi-Garlic Hot Sauce


    mildAfter inventing his delicious Polynesian Hot Sauce, Tahiti's Hot Sauces wanted to make another gourmet hot sauce that his vahine would enjoy. After a wild, passionate weekend in the islands with his vahine (who else?), he thought, “YOW!” She's not only hot-blooded, she's also half-Italian.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Polynesian Hot Sauce


    mildThis is the beginning saga of Tahiti's Hot Sauces and his quest for the ultimate gourmet hot sauce. Tahiti's Hot Sauces went exploring the South Seas for the spices, but was easily side tracked (don't tell his vahine). Then after a few months, Tahiti's Hot Sauces blended a beautiful array of spices with clam juice, honey etc….

  • Mangonesian ™

    5 out of 5


    mildMangonesian ™ is a beautiful array of exotic flavors never done before, from mango, habanero, clam juice, apple juice, and chipotle peppers. Wake Up! Smell and taste the difference.

  • Cameltoe Hot Sauce


    mildCameltoe is a delicious smoked chipotle and mango hot sauce. So no matter what you call it; snapper, bearded clam, cooler cleavage, the pink taco, beavage. There is nothing that tastes or smells like a cameltoe. Love at first site. P.s. you will always remember when you tasted your first camel toe.

    Pss. Say no to moose knuckles.

  • Maui Pepper Company – Smokin’ Mangoes Extra Hot Sauce (Chipotle Style)


    XXX-hotThose chipotle boys are doing it again. They like to take the mangoes from the fire to the smoker. This smokey tropical meltdown will send your taste buds to a new level, to the volcano!


    Smokin' Mangoes Extra Hot Sauce won 1st Place in the Hot Sauce -> Specialty Chile category at the 2016 Scovies

  • Maui Pepper Company – Chipotle Raspberry Mango Hot Sauce


    XXX-hotRaspberry Chipotle Mango hot sauce is another great dipping sauce created by the Maui Pepper Co. The flavor still gives you that tropical tingle and when you put it on smoked baby back ribs, your taste buds will go straight to topical paradise heaven.


    Maui Pepper Co., Chiptole Raspberry Mango won 2nd Place in the Hot Sauce -> Specialty Chile category at the 2016 Scovies!

  • Sunset Salsa™ Pineapple Mango


    mildSunset Salsa™ Pineapple Mango: a delightful combination of sweet pineapple and tropical mango energized by an exotic blend of peppers and spices that make this salsa sunsational! Dip into this fat free salsa with chips. Combine with sour cream for a tasty appetizer, or add passionate flavors to entrees of fish, chicken, pork and beef. Choice of heat level includes medium and hot.

  • Maui Pepper Company – Berry Mangolo Mango Hot Sauce


    XXX-hotAloha Wahine's, Mr. Berry Mangolo has handpicked his favorite “hot” little “tasty” berries to appear with him at the Copacobanana. They are so “hot”,they will make Lola scream and make you scream for more ice cream. Berry Mangolo is the fruitiest hot sauce that has hit your taste buds in the “tropics”.They will all be appearing in your mouth real soon!

  • Apples Ass™


    mildApple Sass™ is a rich and fruity tropical sauce with the alternating sweetness and fire of apple butter, mango, rum and habanero peppers. This sauce adds zip and can dress up any dish with just a few shakes.

  • Tahiti Joe’s Tahitiaki Hot Sauce


    mildWhile Tahiti Joe was hangin' ten in Japan (actually, he was surfing the web), he realized that he could take Japan’s famous teriyaki sauce and make it Tahiti Joe style for all chileheads to crave and sweat for. That’s how Tahiti Joe invented “TAHITIAKI”. Now you can enjoy Tahitiaki the same way as teriyaki, but with a unique flavor and heat that will tantalize your
    taste buds.

  • Maui Pepper Strawberry Meltdown with Mangoes Hot Sauce


    XXX-hotAhhhh! A match made in heaven. Everybody loves strawberries, now you can have it with mangoes in a Maui Pepper meltdown. It will tantalize your taste buds with that tropical tingle. You will feel that you're back in the Islands. This makes an awesome Asian dipping sauce.

  • Palm Beach Hot Sauce


    mildThere is finally a Hot Sauce that is good enough to be called “Palm Beach” Hot Sauce! A hot sauce that has the heart to remind you of Florida's tropical sun, and the flavor from that beautiful array of spices to have the distinction of Palm Beach, “TASTE.” So lay back and enjoy the waves and the hot tropical sun and enjoy the hot sauce in a “Palm Beach Mary” er…I mean, a Bloody Mary, Palm Beach style.

  • Jupiter’s Lighthouse Hot Sauce


    mildJupiter and Tequesta, Florida are very well known for their famous Jupiter Lighthouse.

    Now, the soon-to-be-famous, Jupiter's Lighthouse Hot Sauce will make all of your favorite dishes come alive with great delicious flavor with just the right amount of heat.

    So pick up a bottle today and savor the flavor.

  • Maui Pepper Strawberry Meltdown Hot Sauce


    XXX-hotWho would have ever thought about how strawberries would taste in a Maui Pepper Meltdown sauce? You don't have to think anymore. It's the best strawberry hot sauce you can put on your tropical tingling taste buds. Your mouth will take another trip to the Islands. Try this on some sautéed plantains.

  • Biker Bitch Hot Sauce


    XX-medium-hotThis sauce was made for all those Biker Babes out there. You know who your are, the ones that don;t take chit from anyone, but still like to show off your classy ass and breasts to everyone. This sauce is so good, try it in your next “Bloody Biker Bitchin' Mary” drink.

  • Singer Island’s Love Turtle Hot Sauce


    mildDid you ever hear of a turtle making a sauce? I haven’t either and it’s made out of love. Never will you taste a spicy sauce like this. Except, not only will you like it a lot, you’ll love it! Sincerely, the love turtle. Peace out!

  • Delray’s Beachin’ Hot Sauce (Island Heat)


    X-mediumDelray Beach, Florida has the fine reputation of being labeled, “America's City”- Everything is beautiful about Delray: the people, downtown events, weather, and of course the beaches. And now, you can enjoy Delray's Beachin' Hot Sauce. Take a souvenir bottle home with you and leave the Beachin' to us.

  • Bonzai Chili Kick Ass Teriyaki Hot Sauce


    mildTime to try some ASS KICKIN teriyaki sauce. BONZAI CHILI is just the one to deliver the punch. If you find your teriyaki sauce to be bland, it's time for a change, a change for the better. A tantalizing taste and the heat of the habenero and jalapeno peppers. Bonzai Chili is not the only black belt champ of the teriyaki world because it can kick your ass, it also kicks the competition's.

  • Juno Beach’s Turtles in “Heat” Sauce


    mildThis beautiful little turtle town in Florida, Just loves their turtles. Doesn’t matter if they are green, or have a head of a logger, or even leather on their back, they all love to come to Juno Beach to nest. They are just like tourist, they come here for the fun and sun and leave. So try a bottle of TURTLES in HEAT sauce, and leave the turtles alone so they can have their fun in the sand!